Hi my name is Katie Higley,  founder of Play to Praise!
I play LOTS of musical instruments and
I believe you should too because
 life should be fun, & full of love and joy!

It is my mission to help you and your family "Discover the Music In You"!

 Awakening your innate gifts of expression and connection through song is so fun & liberating.
Whether that's playing "You are My Sunshine", "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", or "Amazing Grace"...
It's my heart's desire to help you expand & flourish in your musical gifts so that 
you can live life confidently with lots of warm, happy magical moments with loved ones!
If you want to know a little bit more about me,
feel free to read below...

It all started at 6 months old when my mother heard me humming silent night,
then at age 2 when I started singing, & yelling gibberish at the top of my lungs reading aloft from the readers digest on the pot...

Fast forward 3 decades, & I'm still singing & playing!
I've been teaching music the last 13 years to HUNDREDS of students & I absolutely LOVE it!
I graduated from BYU with a bachelors degree in Commercial Music.
I serve on the Arts City Council for Spanish Fork City and I run the Spanish Fork's Got Talent Show every summer! It's SO fun!
I strongly believe we learn so we can share & that's exactly what I have done!

I've been an American Idol contestant that has has gone to Hollywood, not once, but twice.
I have shared my messages of story & song on the TEDx stage and I've been featured on SFCN 17 & the major news network station ABC4Utah.
All of this life experience wouldn't be possible without the following...

At the core of who I AM, the following are the top values and beliefs I love...


I deeply LOVE God! I believe the creator of our souls created this vast universe we live in today. I am SO grateful for Him! I will PLAY to PRAISE Him Forever More!!! I know as our hearts expand through musical expression, we draw closer to Him and to others. It's absolutely beautiful and I want to teach those musical gift to you & to the ones you love.


I deeply LOVE my family. I am the happy wife of Jeremy and momma to 4 beautiful children: Emmitt, Riley, Bailey and Noah(brand new little arrival, not shown in picture yet)


I deeply LOVE my country! Long live our freedoms to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!!! (Side note: Butterfly's are my heavenly messengers. And YES, they are "All" divine "creatures of our God and King"
...did you figure out what song that was by reading it???? )
I teach that song too inside Play to Praise!!
Just one of the many gems of praise! 


I deeply LOVE music!
It is the language of the eternities!
It is also the thread that holds us all together.
We are music at the core of who we are!
Let me help you Play to Praise and 
feel closer to yourself, your family and with God!
It's a glorious musical journey! 

Join me and my 
Play to Praise family!

If any of the values and beliefs resonate with you,
I invite you to come join me.
DISCOVER YOUR GIFTS OF MUSIC! Become the happy person who knows how to play multiple musical instruments and use your gifts to praise and create unifying experiences! It's seriously awesome!! (And one final note to add, you will be loved!)