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Beginner Piano
LIVE-Interactive Online Group Course
Piano Party Every Thursday!

Discover How To Play Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, Silent Night & Much More In This Beginner Piano Course! It's Fun, Quick & Easy to Learn!

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Fall Semester 2021 Thursdays  
7:10pm-8:00pm MST Sep. 9th-Dec. 9t

Great For All Ages 8+

Discover How to Play 12 Fun Songs on the Piano during
 12 Weeks of  LIVE-Interactive Group Piano Classes for Beginners
(Held via Zoom)
so you can...

Develop Your Talents!

Grow in your Self-Confidence!

Expand your knowledge of chords and rhythm!

Become the creator of happy magical musical moments!

Play a piano anywhere you see it, whether it's at a mountain resort, a hotel lobby or the piano at your relatives house!

EXPRESS and CONNECT with everyone within the sound of your playing!


Be happy with your progress in life!

Course Summary

Discover how to express your feelings through song! Beginner piano is the perfect course for those wanting to quickly & easily pick up the piano. It won't take long for you to be able to play lots of songs in a short amount of time. You'll discover how to play chords, strumming patterns & perform your best musical expressions in a fun group setting. Discover how to play piano & imagine yourself at your next family reunion and YOU playing piano for your next family talent show! Awesome!

Course Curriculum

Katie Higley

Hi, I am Katie Higley! I LOVE God, family, country and GREAT MUSIC! I love helping EMPOWER individuals & families with tools of expression & connection through song so that they can experience life with greater confidence, joy & love!

I can take whatever I am feeling and express it through song on the piano!
It's a precious gift that is valuable beyond measure and I want to teach you HOW!

Playing piano can take WEEKS to discover, 
NOT YEARS like most people think!!
Through the power of chords and learning set rhythms, 
you can enjoy the ability to play lots of song, in a short amount of time! 
You can create the power to heal, to uplift, to 
experience joy, all through playing the piano!
Black & White Keys Are The Reason 
Why I Do What I Do! 
Expression & Beautiful Connection Is Within Your Reach!

This is me on the TEDx Stage sharing a heartsong that has such an important message
Take a listen below...

 "Katie is extremely talented and I have enjoyed taking piano lessons from her. She has a great personality and inspires me to live my live with purpose and intent."   

- Michelle R. Provo, UT

"Katie is a wonderful teacher. If your looking to learn piano, you can't go wrong with Katie. :)" Britain Cedar Hills, UT"

- Britain Cedar Hills, UT

"Katie is the best ever! My daughter really loved her teaching style, even though my daughter was really shy, Katie made her feel confident and comfortable. Katie really loves music and you can really tell that she is very sincere and great at what she does. I will highly recommend Katie. She is an Awesome  Instructor. " 

Santequin, UT

"Years ago I majored in guitar at USC, and I taught it for years as well travelled around the world performing. I am particular with my daughter's teachers. Katie is great. She's knowledgeable, relates to my daughter well, and she sounds great, which is why we picked her in the first place!" 

Tom F. 
Ontario, CA

"Katie is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable, easy going and fun to work with... I would recommend her to anybody who wants to develop their music talent, both novice and already seasoned music learners. Thank you, Katie!:)" Antonia Provo, UT  

 Provo, UT

"Katie is awesome. Samantha loves her lessons and feels she is learning. Her confidence is growing as well."  

Jaime L. 
Corona, CA

Course Enrollment Closes
Sep 8th, 2021 at 11:59pm!

Fall Semester 2021 Thursdays
  7:10pm-8:00pm MST Sep. 9th-Dec. 9th

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